Hier ist Sanaphantastron!

Infos zum Titel 02: 'Di-Da-DADA'

Effect Synths, Synth Organ, Drum Sampler: DS1
Vocal: A beyond recognition distorted
word review of techno music...
Final Mix: Audacity
Rhythm: House like - 140 bpm
Genre: Rubbishbat
Year of recording: 2010


Lyric: No more comprehensible...


Taste is debatable? No. Because it make no sense to argue about. What the one may perhaps like, the other don't like. What the other might like, the one perhaps don't like. In most cases, however, can find something to like both.





A music is perceived as pleasant, if it is linked with positive experiences, memories and hopes. If you hear music together with some dear persons, you will hear this in general, someday. Even if you first had found no access to it. Listen, for example, together with your friends to this track! Ten times at least! I promise: Someday you'll like it. And then you should listen to it after ten or twenty years time once again. Memories will be awake, nice friends, the good times. And at all - of course the music. If you don't believe: Try it out!

Dies ist meine private Webpräsenz zu meinem Musikprojekt "Sanaphantastron". Die veröffentlichte Musik ist selbst komponiert, arrangiert und aufgenommen und unterliegt nicht den GEMA-Bestimmungen. Für eine über die persönliche Information hinausgehende Verwendung der Inhalte, insbesondere der Musik, Texte, Bilder, Zeichnungen, Fotos und Videos, bedarf es meiner schriftlichen Genehmigung!