Hier ist Sanaphantastron!

Infos zum Titel 33: 'Catwalk'

Bass-, Melody- and Effect-Synths,
Drum-Sampler: DS1
Guitar (a cheap Fender copy):
played by Che Guitare
FX: Zoom G2
Voices: Natural-Voice-Synthesis,
modified with Audacity
Final Mix: Audacity
Rhythm: Dance - 140 bpm
Genre: Technica
Year of recording: 2017



The cat:

I am a cat. On a cat walk. Meow!
Go for a walk. Cat walk, cat walk.
Stroll walking cat.
I am a cat. Cat walk, cat walk. Meow!
On a cat walk. Cat walk, cat walk.
Cat walk, cat walk. Meow! Meow!
Meow! Meow! I am a cat. Meow, meow!

The man:

It was walking in front of our house back and forth.
It wanted cuddles and it was hungry.
It longed for a home and we took it on.
It slept for three days. It soon was able to prevail.
It took the experience as a street
cat and has been alpha female.
One day, our cat had disappeared.
Where was it only remained?
We ask all people of the neighbourhood.
Someone said to have seen It.
Long hours search in the district.
Unsuccessful arriving home. Abandoned the search.
In the evening I went to the closet
to take my pyjamas.
There it lay sleeping calmly in the cupboard.

The alien:

Catwalk to the future. Catwalk to eternity.
Walking cat into the future? Running cat into eternity.
The eternity maybe will be overtaken by the future!

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