Hier ist Sanaphantastron!

Infos zum Titel 07: 'Moondance'

Bass Synth, Melody Synths,
Sound Effects, Drum Sampler: DS1
Another Bass Synth: TS404
Guitar (a cheap Fender copy):
played by Che Guitare
Astronaut: Natural-Voice-Synthesis,
modified with Audacity
Girls: Natural-Voice-Synthesis,
modified with Audacity
Noise and clicking sound:
Cutouts of free NASA soundtracks
Final Mix: Audacity
Rhythm: a kind of Techno - 170 bpm
Genre: Technica
Year of recording: 2010

They really been there? Or was all just an illusion?
Both would be equally fascinating.
The manned flight to another celestial.
More than a thousand times as far from Earth
as the manned space station ISS.
And that before more than 40 years ago?
Or actually a perfect deception of the world population?



We are the First Ones.
The team already expecting us.

Arrived on the moon.
Dancing on the moon.

Everything is well lit.
U.S. flag flutters in the wind.


Journey was arduous.
By radioactive areas.


Is everything an illusion?
Or real? Don’t know!


There are more important things.
Let us dance. In thoughts on the moon.
And realize, that about much in life,
we never will learn the truth.

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